Texarkana Talks: A Visit with Texarkana Texas Mayor Bob Bruggeman


Bob Bruggeman has been serving our community as Texarkana Texas Mayor for the last 10 years, but we get to learn more about the man and his life, and we get to touch on a great number of topics. We hope to have his honor back on the podcast often.

Our visit with Texarkana Texas Mayor, Bob Bruggeman…

Serving as our Mayor and keeping our community ahead of that curve during the pandemic has been something that, well, nobody in government today has had any experience at it. Here in Texarkana, Mayor Bruggeman, Dr. Young, and Judge Howell along with multiple local agencies really came together to make sure that our community not only received CDC numbers but also local numbers reflecting Texarkana’s being a medical hub for the region.

So many things have really kept Texarkana moving forward and Mayor Bruggeman shares a lot of the stories from behind the operations of the city. Take a listen, subscribe on Spotify, and SHARE!



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