Texarkana Talks – Cody Howard & Vashil Fernandez


In this week’s episode of the Texarkana Talks Podcast, a visit with Cody Howard, Executive Director of Mission Texarkana and Church Under the Bridge, and Vashil Fernandez our Texarkana Texas Director of Planning and Community Development and head of the Texarkana Homeless Coalition.

Both of these gentlemen are perfect examples of walking the talk, in the trenches every day helping some of the most vulnerable in our community. Cody with his work feeding the hungry, and Vashil’s work with the Texarkana Homeless Coalition, and both extremely strong in their faith. We talk about the community and topics with our homeless population and the working poor. We also discuss the stories behind these guys a little bit. It was a real privilege to have them as guests, and both have a standing invitation to return when they can.

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