Texarkana Talks: Darlene is in a Mood about a Video Shaming Downtown


Well, we had a last-second schedule change, but the stuff was set up to record, so… Darlene woke up this morning and chose “violence”… we talk about what she saw on the YouTube that set her off. We also share a lot of what we call POSITIVES here in our hometown and want your opinions.

Okay, in all fairness, here is a link to this guy’s video, where he rates Texarkana as the “U.S.A.’s Most Lifeless Town”. Now knowing how pro-Texarkana Ms. Darlene is, well…

This Captain Spork ended up describing Texarkana as “right out of a post-apocolyptic zombie movie”, I mean, it ain’t caught up to “Marshall’s downtown at Christmas Time” yet, but the work, the money, and what seems like a ton of time is happening in downtown Texarkana. There are really big plans, but it does seem to take… wait, it has taken years. Downtown will be pretty big news here soon, just wait.

We are proud of our hometown and believe that downtown can be a nice place to visit, and we are excited to see the community come to be a part of the re-growth. Yes, it has taken a long time, and yes, there is a lot that still needs to be done.

To join the conversation contact us at TexarkanaTalks@gmail.com, or 903.691.9141.


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