Texarkana Talks: Dylan Hann with AGFC Discusses Dangers to our Local Waters and More


Dylan Hann of the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission visited with us for episode 33. We discuss the recent closure at Mercer Bayou for Giant Salvinia and a 300 + pound gar caught in the Red River recently.

Giant Salvinia via AGFC

Giant Salvinia is an invasive species of aquatic vegetation that is a danger to our local waterways and brought about a recent, temporary closure at Mercer Bayou. We learn what can be done to help reduce the spread of this and other species of dangerous vegetation. We also hear about a recent 144 kilogram, seven-foot, three-inch Alligator Gar that was pulled from the Red River, it could be a new record.

Alligator Gar in John Deere Tractor Bucket… 7’3″, 144 kilograms via AGFC

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