Texarkana Talks: Meeting Steven Hollibush – Texarkana Arkansas Director of Ward 3


Episode 26 of the Texarkana Talks Podcast features Steven Hollibush. Steven is on the Texarkana Arkansas Board of Directors and has the heart to serve. We learn more about the man behind the politics.

So this week, we had a lot of trouble getting our audio podcast done. Being old radio, we got plenty of cables, extra mics, etc… but only one corrupt SD card. So, we just used a cellphone and will have to get Steven to come back. He said he would, but that was before we recorded this.

Steven Hollibush is currently on our Texarkana Arkansas Board of Directors representing Ward 3, and Assistant Mayor. Steven is such an interesting guy, behind the politics, he is a former combat medic having served a year in Iraq, a school teacher, and even more interesting than all of that, he is currently a single Foster Parent to two teenagers.

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