Texarkana Talks: More About Local Influencer Derrick Keener


In Episode 5, Jesse & Jeff visit Derrick Keener, local comedian, air-personality, mentor, influencer, and more. As much as Derrick travels, Texarkana is home, and he is extremely active in our local community, and today we get to learn more about the man.

Derrick Keener joins Jeff & Jesse on the Texarkana Talks Podcast…

Behind the jokes, Derrick is a good man. Sensitive, caring, and passionate about the future of his hometown, and the way he would prefer to leave it. Quick-witted, fast to bring a smile for others, there is a seriousness to him, a seriousness to create a better Derrick Keener. We hope he knows how much we sincerely appreciate all he does for the youth in our community, not just by his words, but also by his example.


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