Texarkana Talks: Progress on ‘Alley Cats Coffee Bar’ in Downtown


Episode 24 of Texarkana Talks introduces Michael Perry and his venture with the railroad dining car downtown, Alley Cats Coffee Bar will be a hip, comfortable place with something for everyone. We get details on where he is in the project and what to expect.

These times have been confusing for many, but some have used the circumstances we’ve all been going through to take a chance on themselves and the local community. Some have changed careers and employers, started doing gig work, opened food trucks, and such.

Entrepreneur, Michael Perry is a young man taking a chance by renting the old Flying Crow dining car and opening, “Alley Cats Coffee Bar“. Perry has been remodeling the dining car from the floor up, and it won’t be long now. Thanks to Michael for sitting down and talking about the project with us.

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