Texarkana Texas Listed Among Top 10 Best Places in America to Age in Place


For those looking to buy a house for the long haul, to stay in until the end, Realtor.com has published a list of the best cities in the United States for middle-agers to “Age in Place”. In this list, Texarkana falls smack in the middle at #5!

When it comes to data, we all have a little bit of understanding at how those numbers can be manipulated to get results that lean one way or another. So, knowing that whether it is some list on crime or whatever, you have to take it with a grain of salt. However, I like this study a lot because Texarkana is our home, and we really do have a lot to be proud of here in our little hometown.

Realtor.com recently posted… Forever Homes: The 10 Best Places in America to Age in Place


To determine the best places to age in place, we took the 300 largest metros and evaluated them for affordability and health services, and then made sure these were locations people would really want to spend their golden years. To ensure geographic diversity, we limited the list to one per state.

They went on to explain the criteria they set in place for their results, and they are:

Number of homes already adapted for seniors, looking at realtor.com listings with keywords like “universal design,” “ground-floor master suite,” “senior-friendly,” and “no-step entry”
Percentage of residents older than 65*
Low cost of living*
Number of home health aides per senior*
Number of hospitals per capita*
Number of senior centers per capita*
Number of singles 55 and up*
Number of sunny days*
Number of golf courses per capita*

Their list:

  1. Florence, SC.
  2. Macon, GA
  3. Lake Havasu City, AZ
  4. Vero Beach, FL
  5. Texarkana, TX
  6. Saginaw, MI
  7. Redding, CA
  8. Dothan, AL
  9. Shreveport, LA
  10. Hickory, NC

I thought it was very interesting that Miami Florida, kind of known for a “retirement capital” ranked #113 best place to age in place. Burlington Vermont ranked as the worst.



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