Texarkana’s Domestic Violence Shelter Faces Urgent Needs


Domestic Violence Inc. runs Texarkana’s Domestic Violence Shelter. Back in the day, we called it the Battered Women’s Shelter. They are in desperate need of some things for the women and children that seek refuge there.

What really jumps out to us are all of the items they are needing for babies. Take a look at the list and help if you can.

Media Release:

DVP is in urgent in need of:
– Neuro Pro Enfamil Formula
– Gerber Soothe Formula
– Pacifiers
– Sippy Cups
– Bottles
– Bibs
– Baby Foods jar (Sitter foods and older)
– Baby finger foods- puffs, apple-banana sticks
– Baby cereals
– 12m-24 m clothing for boys and girls
– Variety of women’s size panties new
– New Washer and Dryer
It is crucial that our property has a properly functioning washer and dryer because it allows our clients to have clean necessities such as clothes and bedding. Having the ability to clean these without leaving the safety of the shelter reduces the risks for our clients, which is our main priority. With this in mind, please consider donating to the shelter so that we are able to purchase these appliances and necessities. You’re donations will help our agency create the safest environment possible for our clients! Please contact us at 903-794-4000 if you have any questions.


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