Texas Governor Closes Restaurant Dining Rooms and Gyms [VIDEO]


Texas Governor Gregg Abbott addressed the state on Thursday announcing broader steps to combat the spread of COVID-19, including closing the dining rooms of restaurants, gyms, and schools until at least April of 2020.

Governor Abbott, in his Declaration of Emergency, listed mandates that included:

  • Prohibiting eating and drinking at restaurants and bars
  • Closing gyms
  • Prohibit gathering in groups of more than 10
  • Temporarily close schools
  • Ban people from visiting nursing homes except for critical care

These orders will take effect at midnight Friday, March 20.

To-go and take-out will still be allowed by your favorite restaurants if they are able to provide that service.

Department of State Health Services Commissioner Dr. John Hellerstadt, earlier today declared a Public Health Disaster for the State of Texas, an act that has not been done since the year 1901. This gives state and local officials more tools that they will need to battle the spread of COVID-19.

These are steps being taken in an effort to combat COVID-19, the sickness produced by the virus SARS-Cov2, or what everybody is calling “the coronavirus”. We VISITED WITH DR. BENJAMIN NEUMAN, one of the world’s foremost experts on Coronaviruses, in fact, he in part named this virus and has been appearing on news and information programs around the globe for the last couple of months regarding caronaviruses, virology, and COVID-19.

CLICK HERE for the PODCAST with world-renowned virologist and expert in coronaviruses, Dr. Benjamin Neuman. He tells us, yes he is an advisor to the World Health Organization, but they don’t always take his advice.


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