Traffic Details for Texarkana’s 2023 Four States Fair & Rodeo


The most important thing to have for the traffic that comes with getting in and out of the Four States Fairgrounds during Fair & Rodeo is PATIENCE. These are the plans, but you are going to run into issues and if you expect it, well, it just seems easier. Share these with folks that you know are going.

The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department and the Four States Fair Association work real hard to make it as easy as possible with everyone’s safety in mind, and here are the plans for traffic flow and security at the Fairgrounds during Texarkana’s 78th Four States Fair & Rodeo.

Media Release:

The following information concerning traffic flow and security measures is provided by the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department and Fairgrounds security for the 2023 Fair.
We recommend motorists who are not attending the fair avoid Four States Parkway Drive during peak fair hours. Drivers will experience delays at the intersections of Arkansas Boulevard/Four States Fair Parkway Drive and Interstate 30/Four States Fair Parkway Drive.
• From the North: Traffic will be pushed down to U of A Way and split into two lanes until an alternate route is needed at East 46th Street.
• From the South: E. 50th into the main parking lot until it is deemed a congested flow is interfering with traffic and E. 50th will then become exit traffic only.
• Main parking lot will exit on East 50th Street until a time designated for exit-only traffic and then U of A Way will be turned into an exit only with two lanes out. East 46th Street can be used as exit traffic at the end of the night when this is deemed by the traffic commander. East 46th Street will be primarily used for vendors and those participating in the fair as workers, vendors, employees, etc.
• East 50th Street from the main parking lot to Sammy Lane and back west on U of A Way will also be considered an option for exit traffic if the roadway is passable.
Once the main gates close at 930pm, the entry traffic will be stopped for approximately 30 minutes and then reopened for pick-up traffic only
*Entry and exit routes are subject to change depending on the traffic volume.
To deter theft, we urge all patrons to make sure that no purses or bags are left inside a parked vehicle. Patrons should also ensure that their vehicle doors are locked, and valuables are secured in the trunk before entering the Fairgrounds. We suggest patrons arrive early and park in the Main Lot nearest the Rodeo Arena. This parking lot will be patrolled by security and is well-lit.
Our goal each year is to make the fair a family-oriented event. Police Officers will exercise zero tolerance for persons causing trouble or violating security guidelines inside and outside the fair.
Officers will again be enforcing the city curfew ordinance during the Fair. The curfew applies to children under the age of 18. The city curfew begins at 11pm Sunday through Thursday, and at midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. This means that after the curfew hour, children under the age of 18 must be in the immediate company of a parent or guardian while on the Fairgrounds property. Children not in the company of an adult after curfew hours are may receive citations.
Pursuant to Fair Association Rules, all persons entering the Fairgrounds property are subject to metal detector scans. All bags are subject to search by Fairgrounds security for weapons and contraband. We strongly recommended that large bags and purses not be brought to the Fairgrounds. Consolidate belongings into small handbags if necessary.
• Children 15 years of age and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
• Persons with sagging pants or sexually explicit clothing will not be allowed inside or will be escorted off the premises.
• No large groups of unsupervised teens will be allowed to roam the fair. Such groups have historically created safety and security issues.
• No weapons of any kind are allowed, and violators may be arrested. If Fairgrounds Security may forbid entry to any patron in possession of anything deemed a weapon.
If children of any age are left unattended, parents should ensure they have emergency instructions and parent contact information available. Ensure that an adult can always be reached while children attend the Fair.
As a reminder, when an individual is banned from the Fairgrounds, the banning remains for that person indefinitely. If such an individual is later located on Fairgrounds property, a citation or arrest for criminal trespassing is likely. People previously banned from the Fairgrounds who wish to receive consideration to remove the ban may contact the Fairgrounds office at 903-773-2941.
The fairgrounds are private property owned by the Four States Fair Association. They have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. The fairgrounds also has the right to ban anyone and not remove a ban from someone previously banned. The police department does not control who is allowed on private property.
These measures have been put in place to provide the safest environment possible for visitors to the Fair. Texarkana Arkansas Police Department officers and officers from other local and state agencies will be patrolling inside the Fairgrounds, so feel free to approach them with any questions or concerns.

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