U of A Hope – Texarkana Creating Military Service Care Packages


The Fine Arts Club at the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana are sponsoring a Military service member care package drive and are seeking help with donations from the community.

Press Release:

The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Fine Arts Club is sponsoring a military service member holiday care package drive. The care packages will be sent to units in Afghanistan.

All donations must be delivered to the UAHT Fine Arts Club by November 14, 2016.

Hope campus, 2500 South Main, Hope, AR, 71801
Texarkana campus, 3501 UofA Way, Texarkana, AR, 71854

Attached is a list of items the troops would love to receive. Please note this is a gift drive, not a canned food drive. Troops are in great need of toiletries or other small goodies from home to add some cheer to their holiday season.

Also, if you would like to sponsor the postage cost of a package, the cost is $12.95 each. Please make checks payable to: UAHT Fine Arts Club.

If you have any questions, please contact Chelsea Slack at 870-722-8219 or chelsea.slack@uacch.edu.

List of Items Needed for Service Member Care Packages
(No pork products (read labels), obscene magazines, glass, or items that will melt.)
Tuna/chicken (in pouches only)
Cajun Seasoning
Garlic Salt
Hot Sauce (plastic bottle or packets only)
Tea Bags
Hot Chocolate Packets
Instant Coffee
Microwave Popcorn Packages
Instant Oatmeal
Instant Soups
Powdered Drink mixes (pre-sweetened)
Beef Jerky/beef sticks
Dry Cereal
Chex mix
Cracker snacks
Fruit Snacks
Dried Fruit
Energy Bars
Granola Bars
Gum, Hard Candy
Antibiotic Creams
Anti-Bacterial Wipes
Baby Wipes
Eye Drops
Face Soap
Liquid Soap (small bottles)
Foot Powder
Insect Repellent
Air Freshener   (no aerosols)
Body Lotion
Shampoo (small bottles)
Playing cards
Disposable Camera
Small Flashlights
Sewing Kits
Yo-Yo/Other small toys
Zip Lock bags
Shaving Cream (small cans)
Ranch (small plastic bottle or packets)
Magazines (in good condition)
Vicks VapoRub
Icy Hot
Sunflower seeds
Lens cleaning cloths for glasses
Socks (tall)
Hand Sanitizer
Sudoku/Word Find/Crossword Books
Unscented Deodorant
Sunblock (no aerosols)
Holiday/seasonal decorations (non-breakable)
Protein bars/powder
Kleenex (travel size)
Peanut butter
Hand warmers
Nerf ball
Nasal spray
Duct tape
Handheld fans
Dental floss
Jump ropes

If you have any questions, please contact Chelsea Slack at 870-722-8219 or chelsea.slack@uacch.edu.


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