Unexplained Phenomena at Ark-La-Tex Crystal Mine Draws National Attention [VIDEO]


Very strange things are happening at the Board Camp Crystal Mine in Mena Arkansas. Such strange activity in fact that the series “Expedition Unknown” on the Travel Channel recently filmed at the location with researchers from MUFON for an episode that will be airing this October.

Josh Gates and the crew from Expedition Unknown visited the mine at the end of May with researchers from MUFON, the Mutual U.F.O. Network, the world’s oldest and largest UFO phenomenon investigative body to film about the unexplained activities that are being experienced at the site for an episode to air in October titled, “Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials”.

L to R, Josh White, Cheryl Murphy, Orville Murphy, Josh Gates, and Chase Kloetzke

MUFON is actually the group that contacted producers with the Travel Channel regarding the Crystal Mine, because of the powerful evidence they were able to capture during their investigation at the mine in February of 2017. Odd occurrences like strange unnatural lights in the sky, sounds, rocks moving and rocks levitating, hovering in mid-air, sharp temperature changes and more. Chase Kloetzke and her team of MUFON Researchers were intrigued enough to investigate the strange happenings at the mine based on the strong credibility of witnesses, and evidence they were provided, such as video and photos, including physical evidence that was left behind one encounter.

We spoke to Cheryl Murphy, who along with her husband Orville own the Board Camp Crystal Mine about the odd things being experienced at the site. Mrs. Murphy cannot give a lot of information at this time because of an agreement with producers of the television series, but she does tell us…

We don’t understand the phenomena that continues happening here at the crystal mine, and we can call it extraterrestrial, supernatural, paranormal, metaphysical, or whatever, but we are ready to share it with the world, so that maybe somebody out there can step forward and shed some light on it, particularly scientifically. We plan to hold a Town Hall meeting soon, where we want to invite local people who have seen or experienced something they couldn’t explain. If we pool our information, we may find answers.

The Board Camp Crystal Mine has been closed for most of their official season due to an abundance of caution surrounding the odd occurrences and the safety of mine visitors. However, the park is scheduled to reopen to the public for Crystal Digging on Wednesday, August 2 and the Murphy’s have planned tours around the unexplained phenomena with two tours, one is a 2-hour daytime tour, and the other a 4-hour evening tour, which covers the most common times of occurrences. All will have to sign hazardous activity waivers to enter the site. Visitors on the “Nightwatch Tour” are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, bug spray, and flashlights.


Ms. Cheryl told us,

“We are anxious to reopen to the public and share these things with everyone in hopes of maybe having a better understanding or even finding an explanation. We have been hesitant to open back up, because nobody has really been able to explain what is actually happening, if it’s UFO’s, sound waves, or what. We have had researchers from all areas on the fringes of science contact us in hopes of finding an explanation. We think everyone will be just fine, but just in case we are going to have people sign a waiver when they take one of the tours. We will take people to where most of the activities seem to be focused. That is where Josh filmed the episode for the Travel Channel, and where the MUFON researchers concentrated their investigation.”

Board Camp Crystal Mine is located in Polk County at 110 County Road 62 near Mena Arkansas. For directions, click this link for a MAPFollow them on Facebook for more information.

Here is some interesting video posted to the Board Camp Crystal Mine YouTube Channel,


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