Upcoming Liberty Eylau School District 2016 Bond Election – What You Need to Know


Big changes could take place for Liberty Eylau Schools with a ‘yes’ vote in the upcoming 2016 bond election. Changes that include a construction project for a new 1-4 primary campus and the closing of the C.K. Bender Elementary Campus.

Voters will decide on 2 bond proposals in the 2016 Bond election.

Proposition 1 is a 19.9 million dollar project that will convert the L.E. Pre-K to grade 1 campus on Hwy. 59 into the Liberty Eylau Primary 1 – 4 Campus and see the closing of the old C,K. Bender Elementary School on Buchanan Road for a savings estimated at $430,000 per year.

From leisd.net:

Proposition 1 contains the following proposals:

  • Build 6 new classrooms on the Pre-K campus. These 6 classrooms, with the currently empty 6 classrooms on that campus will allow the Kindergarten classes to move to this campus.  The proposal includes funding for building and site development including parking and pick up/drop off.
  • Convert the Primary campus into a 1-4 campus. Liberty-Eylau Primary will be mostly new construction with the exception of renovations to the current cafeteria and 1st grade academic building.  New academic classrooms, library, music room, and a gymnasium with seating for 600 will be constructed. The façade and stone from the rock building will be used to create a façade on the new building using the stone and shape of the current historical building. The C. K. Bender campus will be closed. This will lead to an estimated annual cost savings of $430,000.
  • Put a new roof on the Middle School campus. This will be a vinyl roof product with a 20 year parts and labor warranty.
  • Expand the CTE building on the High School campus. This CTE expansion would include a new culinary arts classroom/lab as well as more CTE classrooms. This expansion is designed to fit with the overall strategic plan for the high school and future campus developments.
  • Replace HVAC throughout the district. LEISD has 368 HVAC units. 197 of those units are older than 15 years. 155 of those are over 20 years old.

Proposition 2 would be a project that would total $985,000 and mean some much needed improvements to Harris Field at the High School Campus. Including new turf for the football field, resurfacing of the track, and improvements to the concession area and restrooms.

The proposals in this bond are presented in response to comprehensive needs assessments performed by LEISD administration, the school board, and outside consultants. The Board of Trustees, along with an administrative committee has spent more than 1.5 years studying the district’s current facilities, and financial data. In addition, extensive discussions were held with the district’s financial advisor, architect and bond counsel.

A series of community meetings have been scheduled to make sure the public is fully informed on all aspects of the upcoming vote, with more meetings to be scheduled. For specific questions you can email to bond@leisd.net and they will be added to the district’s website. Supporters of the bond proposals have a Facebook Page to help educate the community with the details of the propositions.

le bond meetings schedule

Anyone over the age of 18 and lives in the Liberty Eylau School District can vote in the bond election. Voting will take place at the Liberty Eylau School District Administration Building at 2901 Leopard Drive. Early voting is April 25 to May 3 from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.. On election day May 7 voting will take place from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M..

For a complete break-down of tax information, including the data that show how much lower Liberty Eylau’s school property taxes are than neighboring districts see the L.E.I.S.D. Website.


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