UPS Driver Allegedly Caught Stealing from Porch on RING Security Cam [VIDEO]


Even with a big smiley face sign that reads, “Smile You’re on Camera” it appears that a UPS Driver decided to help himself to some 40 bucks worth of ID Life Hydrate Products that were left on a customers doorstep.

There were three packages of the ID Life products on the porch valued at $20 each. The homeowner had left them there for a customer. The driver helped himself to two of the packages after placing one back before the customer arrived to pick them up. Maybe not the smartest thing, but when you are recording what’s going on, well you see what goes on. Maybe it was an honest mistake, and the driver thought the bags of powder were to quench his thirst on a hot day. The police will work it all out.

The customer shared the video with us and has made a report to police. We decided to post after the customer began receiving threatening messages thru social media, which is also being documented for the Texarkana Texas Police Department investigators.

Local UPS Driver Allegedly Steals from Porch… ON CAMERA

Even with a big smiley face sign that reads "You're on Camera" this video was captured on August 12 at 4:33 pm in the Pleasant Grove area of Texarkana.Video courtesy of A. Cooper

Posted by Texarkana FYI on Monday, August 12, 2019


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