Venomous Snake Season in the Ark-La-Tex [PHOTOS]


As the seasons change and it gets warmer, the snakes are coming out. As we are going into their habitats more often, we are going to see them. It’s said that most of the snakes we see around here are not venomous, but there are some common to our area that really are, and can kill you!

I put together a couple of photos of the ones we really need to look out for…
(keep in mind, I am not an expert, and I do not like any of them.)

First off… the Cotton Mouth.


The Copperhead.


The DiamondBack Rattler. (I have not seen a live “Rattle Snake” around here myself.)


Texas Coral Snakes have been seen in the wooded areas of the Ark-La-Tex. (Another snake I have never seen.) They look just like Louisiana Milk Snakes though. However, I remember my dad teaching me this saying so I would know the difference… remember, “Red and Yellow Kill a Fellow, Red and Black Venom Lack”.

There are a couple of “good snakes”…

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The King Snake (speckled king snake)… HUNTS AND KILLS VENOMOUS SNAKES! Rattle Snakes, Copperheads, etc…but also rodents.

Now I know, this picture freaks me out too… but it’s a Rat Snake. It eats rats, mice, and as I have recently discovered… moles.


If you end up getting bit by a venomous snake… DO NOT PANIC!

Do get to the hospital as soon as you can. Most of our area hospitals have Antivenom in supply and are able to get more real quick if it’s needed. There will be a lot of swelling, that could damage nerves, arteries, and whatnot, so again, DO SEE A DOCTOR!

Do not cut into the bite, and try to suck the poison out like cowboy movies, more than likely that will just make matters worse.

If one of your pets gets bit by a venomous snake, STAY CALM… Do your best to keep your pet calm, if it is possible, try to keep the bite wound below the animal’s heart, and get them to a Vet as quickly as you can.

The best thing you can do to keep yourself from being bitten is to be aware of what snakes look for in a habitat, and KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!!!

Now, go outside and play!


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