Wadley I.C.U. Camera Feed Listed Among Thousands Breached by Hackers [VIDEO]


Wadley Regional Medical Center was listed among the many clients of Silicon Valley startup, Verkada Inc. that hackers claim to have breached the live feeds of 150,000 security cameras in hospitals, jails, and even schools. The hackers claim to have also downloaded all of the data stored by Verdaka Inc.. We reached out to Wadley Hospital for comment.

According to the story from BLOOMBERG, hackers gained access to data from security camera feeds from Verkada Cameras, which include facial recognition capabilities. The bigger names mentioned were companies like Tesla, and the luxury gym chain Equinox, but the hackers also claim they accessed cameras pointed at nine ICU beds at Wadley Hospital in Texarkana, Texas.

We reached out to Wadley for a comment, and they responded with this:

The health, privacy, and security of our patients is our top priority. We were made aware of a potential security incident with one of our vendors and we have moved swiftly to investigate the matter. We will report back with further information pending the investigation.

Bloomberg published a detailed post HERE.


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