Wayne Easley Named Winner of Miller County Sheriff Election


In Tuesday’s Miller County Primary Run-off election for Sheriff between Stephen Ward and Wayne Easley, final vote numbers indicate that with 1,816 votes to 1,265 votes, Wayne Easley is the new Sheriff of Miller County Arkansas.

In a campaign that got really messy in the last few weeks with confidential photos from the Sheriff’s Department being leaked to the public, folk’s personal financial situations were brought into it, and some followers from each candidate really got way out of hand on social media, but after all was said and done, with 19 polling locations being counted…

Unofficial Final Numbers
Wayne Easley (59%) 1,816 votes
Stephen D. Ward (41%) 1,265 votes

In campaign materials Easley claims…
Law Officer since 1998
2-time TAPD Officer of the Year
1-time TAPD Investigator of the Year
SWAT Team Member
Hostage Negotiator
Deputy & Jail Experience
Lifetime Resident of Miller County
Arkansas High Graduate

Wayne Easley will take office in January of 2023.


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