What Made Those Big Booms? A Big Question Around Here Lately [VIDEO]


Most folks from this area, especially the Texas side of Stateline Avenue and a whole lot of Bowie County are sorta used to hearing those big booms. The generic answer is usually “Red River”, but that’s not always the case.

A lot of people may not realize that what most folks write off as “Red River” because of Government signs on fences is, or has been a number of different companies with a number of different agencies managing them or parts of the complex… and it’s HUGE!

As for the booms, that we are hearing lately, EOD contractors are disposing of expired munitions at the former Lone Star Ammunition Plant and will be for a while. A process where out-of-date munitions and explosive materials are placed in a deep hole, the blown-up… BOOM!

Now, these videos are NOT from our area but it is still kind of cool to see the processes these EOD experts use, from explosives to burning the expired materials… the first one has a pretty good explanation as to why they may be separated into 3, or more booms, instead of just one really big explosion…


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