Winners Announced in Downtown Christmas Tree Decorating Contest


A highlight for Christmas 2020 was the “Christmas Tree Village” in downtown Texarkana at Crossties. In a fundraiser for the Hold on to Your Britches Foundation, 96 trees were sold to area businesses, organizations, and civic clubs. Here are the results of hundreds of votes that were cast by the many visitors.

This was a huge success and an awesome thing for our community. Being outdoors, exercising social-distancing and all, this was a wonderful attraction to many families. Les, Joe, and the folks at Crossties weren’t sure how this was going to go, but next year plan for the event to be even bigger with a lot more for folks to see and do.

Crossties offered a prize of use and services of their Grand Hall in their venue in downtown Texarkana to the number one tree, but after so many votes were cast, they have named the top 3 trees and offered prizes to all three. In first place, Kindred Hospice was voted number one, but only by a couple of votes, followed by Coldwell Banker Realty in second place and Rogers Construction in third place.

Media Release:

Merry Christmas!!!!! So back in November, we announced a Christmas Tree decorating contest and created an amazing Christmas scene for everyone to visit. 96 businesses and organizations sponsored trees to help us create an amazing downtown atmosphere on the lawn of Crossties. We hope you visited the Christmas trees and enjoyed sharing the Christmas Spirit. We were going to announce the winner the night of the Christmas parade, but once it was canceled we chose to extend the voting until Christmas day. This turned out to be a really good idea because the first annual Christmas Tree decorating contest was extremely close. So close, Crossties has decided to announce three winners!!!!! The voting between 1st and 2nd place was two votes and only one vote separated 2nd and 3rd place. So, here is what we decided to do, we are awarding three trees and three rooms for events worth a total of $$7,500.00. 3rd place went to Rogers Construction, congratulations on an amazing job!! Rogers Construction will be awarded access to one of our rooms valued at $1,500.00. 2nd place went to ………Coldwell Banker Realty will be awarded a room worth $2,500.00. The overall winner by two votes and winner of the room valued at $3,500.00………………..Kindred Hospice…..Congratulations to everyone that participated and created this amazing atmosphere at Crossties. We are looking forward to next year and making this even bigger. Those winners please contact us next week!!!!!

Kindred Hospice – First Place

Coldwell Banker – Second Place

Rogers Construction – Third Place

Personally, I want to say thank you to everybody that participated. Each one of these trees seems to represent hope, caring, and a love for Christmas. Having this attraction downtown was an awesome experience with my grandchildren and all of my family really. The beautifully decorated trees, the crafts for kids, Wilson the Water Buffalo, and of course the big elf himself, Santa Claus. It was a wonderful thing for the community in a tough time and was spread out over a long enough period that so many people were able to enjoy it without having to be all bunched up together. Thank you, and we cannot wait to see the trees again in 2021!


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