Women Brawl in the Street at Busy Texarkana Intersection [VIDEO]


Another video of people fighting in public is making the rounds on social media. This one is a small group of women brawling in the street at the intersection of I-30 and Richmond Road in front of Chipotle.

The video was sent to texarkanaFYI.com Friday afternoon, but we hesitated to post it, not wanting to always be first with this type of story. There is no clue to us what led to this incident, no context to why any of this happened.

The footage was originally shot by a diner at the Chipotle grill. In the video you see two women start fighting and others try to intervene. One woman tried to break it up with a hand-held taser when one of the combatants goes into her vehicle to retrieve what appears to be a length of PVC pipe and whacks the lady with the taser.

Here is the video, be warned of some language…


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