Arrests Made in Gander Mountain Air Conditioning Theft Investigation


The Texarkana Texas Police Department has made two arrests in the investigation of the theft of A/C coils from air conditioning units at the old Gander Mountain building off I-30.

Media Post:

You might remember a few weeks ago that we told you about someone stealing several copper coils from the air conditioning units and piping on the roof of the old Gander Mountain building. Well, thanks to a tip that we received from that post, Detective Cody Harris was able to solve the case and made two arrests yesterday. Richard Jenkins, 49, and Brandy Gossett, 34, were charged with Theft of Material (less than $20,000), which is a state jail felony.

Detective Harris identified the two after he learned someone here reported that they had seen a green GMC Jimmy with two people in it leaving the area about two weeks before. Using that information as a starting point, he was able to locate a similar vehicle on video at a local scrap metal business about 30 minutes after the witness said they’d seen the vehicle leaving Gander Mountain. Checking the transaction records there showed that Jenkins had sold 187 pounds of A/C coils – an amount that was almost exactly the amount estimated to have been stolen from Gander Mountain. He continued to dig and then found that the green Jimmy had been used during several transactions to sell cooper at the scrap metal business. One of those from a few days before where 82 pounds of copper pipe that was very similar to the piping taken from Gander Mountain was sold by Gossett and Jenkins.

Detective Harris did an outstanding job tracking down all the leads on this case. However, he was quick to say that he is very thankful for the tip from Facebook that gave him a starting point from which to work – adding that without that one little piece of information, the case may have not been solved and those responsible arrested.

Both Jenkins and Gossett are being held in the Bi-State Jail on $10,000 bonds. We also arrested Jenkins for an outstanding parole violation warrant.

Richard Jenkins, 49

Brandy Gossett, 34


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