B.C.S.O. Warns of Phone Scam Where Caller Claims to Be a Deputy


The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of a phone scam and reminds the public they do not accept money over the phone.

BCSO Press Release:

The Bowie County Sheriff’s Office has received calls from two citizens this morning saying they were contacted by a person claiming to be “Deputy James Marshall” from the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office. “Deputy Marshall” is claiming to have arrest warrants for the person he is speaking with for missing jury duty. He then requests that they purchase Green Dot cards and give him the numbers off of the cards or they will be arrested. He even went as far as to inform at least one citizen that these cards could be purchased at Albertson’s on West 7th Street or the Love’s Truck Stop in Leary. This is a scam! There is no one by the name of James Marshall employed by the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office and we never take money over the phone. “Deputy Marshall” has been calling from 903.708.5088. Investigators are currently working to track this phone number. This phone number appears as a Pittsburg, Texas number, but it is most likely being spoofed from somewhere else. If anyone ever has a question about the validity of a phone call coming from the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office, please contact us at our non-emergency phone numbers of 903.798.3149 for the Texarkana area and 903.628.6815 for the New Boston area. Someone at either of these phone numbers can verify who works for our office. Also, never give anyone you do not know money over the phone in this fashion. If you do, the money is gone as soon as you give the person the card numbers and there is no way to recover it.


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