Bicycle Controversy at Texas High School for 2016 Seniors


What seemed to be a harmless display of pride in camaraderie for the end of the school year many Senior students at Texas High School met before classes and rode their bicycles to class today. However, it got them in trouble. Check it out…

The students met at the Ball Fields at Spring Lake Park and rode their bikes to school together. When the student arrived on campus the group were reportedly met with threats of not being able to walk the stage at graduation unless they moved their bikes out of the parking lot.

The first we heard of it was on Facebook when a user commented:

Cheers to THS class of 2016. They rode bikes to school this morning and were a delight to the neighborhood as they rode through. It was a great start to my day to hear the laughter and chatter of a large group of seniors on their way to school. Cheers cheers cheers.

But soon we heard from students that there was a problem

We reached out to officials at Texas High School for comment but have not received a reply. Here is a blown up look at the handbook section on bicycles and other transportation…(if you can make it out).


In total fairness, riding bikes was not the issue. From what we have been able to decipher from social media posts, the only issue that administration had was the matter space for the bicycles in the parking lot, which really only makes sense.

One young man posted on Facebook:

I’m a Texas High senior that was there this morning with the bikers, and I think some people are unfairly making TISD look bad. The problem was taking up parking spaces in the parking lot with bicycles when the school doesn’t even have enough spaces for all the students, not for riding bikes. Yes, we had a little trouble, but we simply moved the bikes to a hill in the back of the school. The administration was kind enough to notify officers to look out for our bikes while we were in class (so cheers to them). We still had a lot of fun and a lot of us don’t have hard feelings towards the administration. In fact, I heard there were some conversations of using the bike event next year as an pro-environment event, so some good did came out of this from the administration.

All in all, a solution was found that was satisfactory for all, and all of the students will proudly be receiving their diplomas together at their graduation ceremony.

Wouldn’t it be great if this “Bike Day” became a new tradition for the graduating class?

Congratulations Class of 2016… and good luck!


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