Bowie County Deputies to Start Using Speed Radar Immediately


Deputies with the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office will be driving speed radar equipped units beginning immediately according to Sheriff James Prince. Due to a large amount of complaints regarding speeding on county roads.

Sheriff James Prince issued this statement,

Over the past few months we have received complaints of speeders on different county roads throughout Bowie County. This prompted us to purchase some radar units. The speed limit on the County Roads is 35 mph unless posted otherwise. I do not want us to have to issue speeding tickets. This is why I am informing you of the radars and hope if you tend to speed over the limit, you will stop doing so. I would rather drivers be made aware and stop speeding, than be issued a ticket!

In a comment on Facebook, Sheriff Prince posted,

The city police patrol the city streets, the highway patrol primarily patrol the state maintained roads. That leaves my deputies to patrol the county maintained roads.

Sheriff Prince also clarified where deputies may take radar readings,

A citation can be issued on any public road in Bowie County or a municipality inside Bowie County.

The Bowie County Sheriff’s Department has not done traffic patrol for speeders in years. In fact, Sheriff Prince was the officer that removed radar and speeding citations from the BCSO the day he was sworn in.



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