Critical Need for Foster Homes in Miller County [VIDEO]


There is a critical need for foster homes in Miller County. You see yourself how bad things are for some kids, and the worst things you don’t hear about until it’s too late. For all of Miller County right now, there are only four (4) foster homes. The children need help!

The recent murder of a 3-year-old child was the focal point of a video TAPD Sgt. Kristi Bennet did that brought up that Miller County only has four foster families. Four!

So, we want to encourage those with enough love, patience, and understanding to help a child in the darkest times that child may ever experience. Be a foster for children in need.

You can visit the website for FOSTER ARKANSAS to get more information.

In Miller County the DHS phone number is 870-773-0563.

There is also the non-profit group Children of Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime, or “The CALL” follow the local chapter on Facebook at The CALL in Miller County. The Call will be hosting a meeting at Spring Lake Park Baptist Church on Texas Boulevard Thursday, April 4, 2019, at 6:30 pm for residents of both Arkansas and Texas.


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