FEMA Activates Emergency Lodging Assistance for Hurricane Refugees in Hotels


FEMA has activated the Emergency Lodging Assistance Program to aid those fleeing north from the damage of Hurricane Harvey on the Texas Coast. With tens of thousands more people expected to be displaced by the flooding along the coastline and in the Houston area. Local hotels could be seeing refugees seeking shelter in Texarkana.

What is the Emergency Lodging Assistance Program?

The Emergency Lodging Assistance program provides lodging reimbursement for pre-qualified individuals from designated disaster areas. The Federal Emergency Management Agency created the ELA program to provide temporary shelter as a result of a Federal disaster declaration. As administrator for this FEMA-funded preparedness initiative, CLC provides rules-based payments for all qualified applicants at participating hotels

For local hotels needing to get registered for the program call 1-866-545-9865.


This form is downloadable at the website


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