Fireworks and Combat Veterans in Texarkana


Round these parts folks have always celebrated some occasions with Fireworks. Have you really thought about how fireworks can affect a combat veteran?

It never fails that around here folks like their fireworks, and truthfully we’ve all known somebody that at one time or another fired gunshots in the air like it’s the old west. (It’s even been said that 911 dispatchers have occasionally participated in a game of firework or gunshot.)

There is a group making an effort to raise awareness of how fireworks affect our military vets with post traumatic stress. I have friends that suffer with PTSD and are really thrown for a loop when surprised by fireworks, and even thunderstorms. So, I wanted to share the info of the group “Military with PTSD” on Facebook and their Website. They are not wanting anyone to give up their fireworks, just to be courteous with their use of them concerning combat vets. (…but we ALL want you to quit firing your guns in the air, Jethro).



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