Local Officers Volunteer and Assist Elderly Resident


We have some of the finest Police officers in all of America right here in Texarkana. Do you realize that most all of the men and women on our force are from Texarkana? Recently a few officers got together off the clock to assist a local elderly woman clean up her property.

We here at TexarkanaFYI.com want to share everything we can about our local men and women that serve Texarkana. We thought this was great, when these officers got together to clean up this mess.

Officers Karey Parker, Jeff Estes (Neighborhood Area Coordinators), and Officer Martin McGee volunteered their personal time and equipment to clean up a residence in the 1700 block of W. 18th Street, where illegal fireworks burnt down an elderly woman’s shed. Their selfless efforts were completely self-initiated and are clearly a testament to the care and commitment these officers have for this community.

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