M-130 Anti-discrimination Ordinance Voting Sites in Texarkana Arkansas


Today (Tuesday June 28, 2016) is the day to cast your vote to keep the Anti-discrimination ordinance adopted by the Texarkana Arkansas Board of Directors in an effort to attract new industry to the city or vote against the ordinance.

Ordinance M-130 is an anti-discrimination ordinance enacted to attract new industry to the area by complying with wording enacted by most Fortune 500 companies and other cities and states that are winning new businesses over Texarkana Arkansas.

When the ordinance was passed unanimously in January of 2016, the Board of Directors used the fastrack vote that has been used many, many times in the past and placed the city into position to attract new business. Not long after the ordinance was adopted, a group led mostly by people from out of town and even out of state calling themselves “Repeal 130” began a campaign on fabricated accusations that the ordinance was to allow men into women’s restrooms, which proven by many as false. They set up locations with picket signs using scare tactics and very few real facts to entice residents to sign a petition to get a vote for repeal.

From this, the group “Keep 130” formed and has used facts and truth to support keeping the anti-discrimination ordinance.

Since the facts about M-130 are now known, it is very important, whether a person signed a petition or not, that the citizens of Texarkana Arkansas make their voices heard with a vote to keep M-130 and move the city forward, or repeal the ordinance that could put the city in the national spotlight for encouraging discrimination.

Here are the locations to cast your vote today:



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