M-130 Texarkana Arkansas Voting Information


Early voting is underway at the Miller County Courthouse giving Texarkana Arkansas citizens that are registered to vote the chance to voice their opinion on the anti-discrimination ordinance known as M-130 that was passed unanimously by the City Board of Directors back in January.

The ordinance became controversial when a few non-residents, including disgraced former Bowie County Judge Sterling Lacy, formed a group that refer to themselves simply as “Repeal 130” started spending big money and bringing in activist to claim that this ordinance leads to men being allowed to go into women’s restrooms. The group set up places for people to sign petitions to call for a special election with the costs going to citizens of the city. Many signed the petitions believing the misinformation about restrooms. Local writer Russ McDermott published a blog post on the topic.

The group “Repeal 130” has posted this in an effort to get the ordinance repealed…

m130 anti

The group of citizens that are fighting to keep the ordinance, “Keep 130“,  recently posted this written by Texarkana Arkansas resident and former Arkansas House Representative Dennis Young and Gary Nutter that sheds a lot of light on what many believe is really happening here…

m130 pro

Early voting is underway this week until Friday afternoon at the Miller County Courthouse in downtown Texarkana. Regular voting city-wide is scheduled for Tuesday June 28 with polls at the following locations…



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