Man Arrested after Hiding in Trunk of Former Girlfriend’s Car


The Texarkana Texas Police have arrested Spencer Brown, 26 after he hid in the trunk of his girlfriend’s car in violation of a protective order, along with other active warrants.

Press Release:

The Texarkana Texas Police Department arrested Spencer Brown, 26, of Nash Texas, for violating a protective order after he climbed out of the trunk of his former girlfriend’s vehicle on Wednesday morning.

 Officers were dispatched to a suspicious circumstances call at the Neighborhood Walmart, located at 3302 Summerhill Road at 8:23 yesterday morning.  The female victim told officers that she heard movement inside her vehicle and then heard Brown calling her name after she parked in the store parking lot.  Brown, against whom she had recently been granted a protective order, then emerged from the trunk of her vehicle.  The victim then ran into the store and called 9-1-1.

 Officer Kim Weaver located Brown minutes later as he was walking away from the Neighborhood Walmart along College Drive.  As Brown had been the subject of a department wide bulletin the previous day related to an incident earlier in the week where he violated the protective order, she immediately recognized him and knew there was an active warrant for his arrest.  When Weaver stopped Brown, he repeatedly insisted that his name was Jerry and denied having just come from the Neighborhood Walmart.  It was only after she told him that she had seen his mugshot and knew his name that he admitted to lying about his identity.  He was arrested without incident for Failure to Identify and the outstanding warrant for Violation of a Protective Order.

 Officer Brent Lawing spoke with the victim at the store and confirmed her account by watching the surveillance video of the parking lot.  As a result, Brown was also charged with a second charge of Violation of a Protective Order for his actions there.

 It is not known how long Brown had concealed himself inside the victim’s vehicle.

 Brown was transported to the Bi-State Jail.  His bond has been set at a total of $25,000 for the three misdemeanor charges.

Spencer Brown, 26


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