Maud Texas Mayor Position Posted as ‘Vacant’


Reports are that Maud, Texas Mayor Jessie Hicks has been removed from office. Calls to Maud Texas City Hall report that Hicks was removed from his position for failing to attend Council meetings.

According to City Offices, controversial Mayor of the small East Texas Town Jessie Hicks was removed from his position for missing three consecutive meetings. Citing a rule where if any city official misses three meetings they can be removed from their position. They confirm that Hicks did not resign his position as Mayor. It was confirmed that Hicks no longer had keys to City Hall, but as an active member of the new volunteer fire department in Maud, he does have access to those facilities.

Controversy has been rampant around his actions with the volunteer fire department and abuse of power with local businesses that oppose his decisions and position in the small town.

We have been unable to contact Hicks for his side of the story. This is a developing story and we will post updates.



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