New A.D.A. Play Area at Grady T. Wallace Park Bringing Great Joy [PHOTOS]


The new A.D.A. Play Area at Grady T. Wallace Park are bringing some huge smiles to local children. The Texarkana Texas Parks and Recreation Department have completed the installation of the special playground equipment and local kids, like Abel Feutral are LOVING it!

Little Abel Feutral LOVES being outside. Abel was at the new A.D.A. Play Area located at Grady T. Wallace Park in Texarkana, Texas the other day, enjoying some sunshine and the newest feature from the Texarkana Texas Parks & Recreation Department.


Abel is 4 years old, and lives in Texarkana Texas. Abel has Cerebral Palsy and suffers with epilepsy. Abel’s mom, Jade Phinney, told us about taking Abel to the park before the new play area and her thoughts on the new equipment,

He loves to play outside, but we usually stay at home because I don’t like to have Abel just watching the kids play. He requires braces over his feet and has super strong muscles, so getting him into a “baby” swing isn’t possible anymore. I know there are similar swings at Kidtopia and a few other parks that I’ve seen, but none of them are this secure and safe for my son. I was overjoyed to see this!


Abel was having a great time at the play area which features safe, secure ADA Swings with sight and sound feature play walls.

Jade went on to tell us,

Most people overlook us and our special needs so seeing Texarkana start accommodating us is remarkable and a true blessing to my family and many others. I sincerely hope this starts something and more parks expand to make it a place everyone can enjoy.

It is our sincere hope here at Texarkana FYI that all of the citizens that enjoy our Texarkana Parks help in keeping our public areas clean and safe for our children. Grady T. Wallace park has some awesome and clean playgrounds, uses solar power, has pavilions that the public can reserve thru Southwest Center and a lot more, including a lot of geese and some ducks,,, including one little :thug duck” with an attitude problem!

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(photos via and Jade Phinney)


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