Opening of the Texarkana 50 Year Time Capsule – 1973 to 2023 [VIDEO]


Letters, photos, and treasures of all sorts were placed in a time capsule and buried in front of the Texarkana Federal Post Office in 1973. Now that they have opened it, you can see the many items on display at the Texarkana Museum during the Texarkana Sesquicentennial Festival on Saturday, April 15, 2023.

The contents of the capsule will be on display Saturday at the Texarkana Museum downtown along with live entertainment, food trucks, and more. All celebrating 150 years of Texarkana, Texas that was founded in 1873, Interesting fact, the museum building, or Offenhauser Building as it was known for many years, was the first brick building to be built in Texarkana

Remblin’ Ted decided to get out for the time capsule opening and shot some video. It was a great day for it, and lots of people came out for the occasion…

The Sesquicentennial celebration continues on Saturday, April 15 downtown beginning at 10:00 am with food trucks, vendors of all sorts, and of course, all the shops will be open. Some great performers also… Keith Gladney, Chasing Rita, Chace Rains, Honey, Psychedelic Radio, and Hailey Wright and the Wrongs.


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