Results of 7th Annual Salsa Contest at Texarkana Farmer’s Market


It was a great turnout for the 7th Annual Best Salsa in the Ark-La-Tex Contest at the Texarkana Farmer’s Market in downtown Texarkana. We have the final results and see that some contestants appear among winners in a few categories.

Billed by many on social media as a way to settle a recent debate that had been dubbed “Salsagate 2016”, the contest took place at the Texarkana Farmer’s Market at 305 Texas Boulevard in downtown on Saturday morning. Contestants entered 4 quarts of their homemade salsa in the categories they chose to enter from Mild, Medium, Hot, Smokin’, Specialty, or Restaurant. Seven popular local Mexican restaurants and one steakhouse entered this year’s contest.

We got these results from the Texarkana Farmer’s Market Facebook Page:

Mild –
1st – Robert Lewis
2nd – Dan & Sharon Peterson
3rd- Nathan Austin

1st- Joy Whitehead
2nd- Nita Alexander
3rd- Caylex Sumrell

1st- Norma Huffman
2nd- Nathan Austin
3rd- Erika Dove

1st- Brenda Lee
2nd- Erika Dove
3rd- Nathan Austin

1st- Brenda Lee
2nd- Amanda Haynie
3rd- Dan & Sharon Peterson

1st- Johnny Tamale’s
2nd – Fuzzy’s Taco Shop
3rd- Lightening Arrow Steakhouse

So there you have it… the great “Salsagate” debate in Texarkana Cheers & Jeers has been settled!



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