Rumors of Firearm on Liberty Eylau High School Campus Over Exaggerated


The rumor mill was churning today regarding reports of a student with a firearm on the Liberty Eylau High School Campus. We spoke to media coordinator Matt Fry and got the details regarding the incident.

Earlier today, (9/19), rumors began to fly that one student had threatened another with a pistol on the High School Campus. That is not what happened. We spoke to Matt Fry, and he explained it was a situation where a student had mistakenly forgot to remove an airsoft toy pistol from his backpack, and the student turned the toy into the school principal. No students were ever in any sort of danger and no police were involved.

The L.E. School District has a strict policy in the student code of conduct related to “simulated weapons” and the issue is being addressed with school administrators.

Again, no students were ever in any danger at anytime. There was never any cause to lockdown the campus, it is not a legal issue, and school administrators are taking appropriate actions.


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