Service of Arrest Warrants in School Bus Assault Investigation Delayed


On Monday, December 14, TTPD released information that they had felony arrest warrants for five Pleasant Grove Junior High students involved in an assault that occurred on a school bus while returning from a basketball game in Paris on November 30. Shortly after, Police released another statement announcing the delay of service of the warrants due to new information in the investigation.

The charges that were prepared with the felony warrants range from sexual assault to indecency with a child.

In the first press release police stated,

The Texarkana Texas Police Department was notified of the incident by the 13-year-old victim’s mother on December 1 and conducted the investigation that led to the warrants being issued for the five students, who are all thirteen and fourteen years old.  Officers are currently working with the juveniles’ parents to arrange for them to turn themselves in and anticipate that they will be in custody soon.

Two hours after releasing that information to the public, a second press release was submitted to us that states reasons for a delay in service of the warrants,

Shortly after the earlier media release on the incident involving five Pleasant Grove Middle School students, additional information related to this case was brought to our attention.  Due to the seriousness of the allegations and the necessity to be fair to all involved, the Texarkana Texas Police Department has made the decision to delay the service of the warrants until the detectives have the opportunity to evaluate the new information.  The warrants will remain unserved until that review is completed.

The investigation continues, and police will be sharing information with Texarkana FYI as it becomes available.

We respect and appreciate the TTPD for a fair and thorough investigation and understand that the real world takes a lot longer than a television cop show.


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