T.A.P.D. and Animal Control Save the Day at Walmart [PHOTOS]


The Texarkana Arkansas Police and Texarkana Animal Control officers responded to calls from concerned citizens about a small dog left in a pick-up truck for an extended period of time at Walmart in Texarkana Arkansas.

Police were able to open the truck, and animal control see to the dog.

photo via Lynn Foster

photo via Lynn Foster

Walmart paged the owner of the vehicle and witnesses tell us the man returned from the store reportedly saying that he was only ‘gone for 15 minutes or so”. Multiple witnesses stated the man had been gone for closer to 45 minutes. Witnesses report that a citation was issued, but the important thing is that the dog will be alright. Spread the word everywhere. with KIDS and PETS, minutes are just way to long to be closed up in a hot automobile.

photo via Lynn Foster

photo via Lynn Foster

dog temp chart fyi


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