T.A.P.D. Seeking to Reunite Stolen Property to Rightful Owners


The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department is seeking to return recovered stolen property to the rightful owners and could use some assistance.

A TAPD Press Release:

We need your help in locating some people in the Texarkana Metro Area that may have stolen property that has been recovered by TAPD. If you know them, have them call 903-798-3130 during business hours Monday through Friday 8-5pm.
The items are as follows:
Guaranty Bond Bank debit card belonging to Cynthia Shepherd
Two Texas drivers license, a social security card, and a Texas fishing license belonging to Jeffrey Gearlds.
Pre paid VISA belonging to Susan Gearlds
Pre paid VISA belonging to Christopher Cummings
Pre paid MasterCard belonging to Natasha McGary
An authorization to engage in the business of insurance card belonging to Cynthia Scoggins
A Red River Bank member ID card belonging to Vicoria Scoggins
This property is being stored in the TAPD Evidence Section and may be picked up by coming to the police department and producing identification that allows us to release to you.
It was found in a car incidential to an arrest in the 3700 Block of Garland Street on June 29, 2016.

TAPD Administration


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