Texarkana Police Address Rumors of Planned Protests


Social media and mouths are running on overdrive with rumors of planned “Black Lives Matter” protests in Texarkana, but that’s all it is, rumors. There has been nobody to even apply for a special event permit, much less drawn one on either side of Stateline Avenue. However, Police have addressed the rumors.

The Texarkana Texas Police Department posted this to their Facebook Page:

Sadly, there have been a lot of rumors going around social media in the last week. All of which have proven to be untrue. This morning, we have heard from a lot of people who received a text message about a demonstration or march planned today in the area of Richmond Road and Interstate 30. While we can’t say with complete certainty at this point that it is just another rumor, we can say that this text warning others to stay away from the area is the first that we’ve heard of it. The text also seems try to lend a bit of legitimacy to itself by saying that the information came from a law enforcement officer. It is unlikely that an individual officer would have exclusive information about it that no one else seems to have.

However, just to be on the side of caution, we are monitoring the area around Richmond Road. As of this post, there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary going on there.

If you see something on social media, please don’t automatically take it as gospel and forward it to all your friends. Take a moment to evaluate it and to ask yourself what the purpose might be for someone to have posted it in the first place. Unfortunately, the most likely motivation seems to be to see what kind of reaction they can get from others. Let’s not give them the satisfaction.

In comments to that post a follower posted,

“What about Friday? I had heard Richmond Rd Friday morning and Stateline Friday evening. I heard nothing for today. It was not from a FB post that i heard about this, it was told to someone by an employee of the city where they had recieved a permit”

TTPD responded,

More rumors that are blatantly false. No one has even applied for a special events permit for a rally of any kind in either Texarkana Texas or Texarkana Arkansas.

We have not been able to confirm that any type of rally is planned in Texarkana at all. However, should there be a rally, it is doubtful that there is reason for the concern within the community that some of these posts seem to suggest. We are confident that it will be a peaceful one. All people have the right to have their voices heard, and we respect that. Our main goal would be to ensure that everyone there is safe.

The Texarkana Arkansas Police took to their Facebook page and addressed the rumors but also offers great advice on exactly what you should do when stopped by the police for any reason,


TAPD Administration is aware of several posts on social media giving locations of potential rallies. Most are from facebook that are being forwarded to the police department from citizens in the community. We are also getting some phone calls into the police administration offices from concerned citizens.

The Police Department is closely monitoring social media. We have made arrangements to have sufficient resources available to handle any problems if this is needed. This is what we do every day.

We are hopeful these are only rumors as the Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department has worked very hard in our community to make this a safe place, to live, work, and raise a family.

We have had a few calls on what to expect on a traffic stop:

TAPD Officers handle traffic stops using the 7 point citizen contact and it goes pretty much the same with each officer with minor wording variations.

Hello, My name is Officer Jones and I am with the Texarkana Police Department. You are being stopped for a traffic violation. May I see your drivers license and insurance information. He/She generally will ask if there is a reason for the traffic violation.

You will either be informed that you are going to receive a ticket or a warning and sign it. The the officer will tell you how to handle the traffic citation. The officer will tell you this is not a plea of guilty and you have the right to appear in court on the date set on the citation. It generally will end with the comment of have a nice day or drive safely.

If you disagree with a traffic citation, the place to settle it is not on the side of the highway, but in District Municipal Court. You and the officer can relate your side of the incident to a Judge, who is impartial and decides the case based on evidence presented.

Some additional advice from TAPD. If you have a firearm in the vehicle either “open carry” or “concealed carry permit” let the officer know immediately.

At night it is a good idea to roll down your window, stay in the car and turn on your interior lights and follow all instructions. Never get out of the car unless instructed as this is very dangerous, day or night.

Regards…………. TAPD Administration


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