Texarkana Police Units Were Fired on with Fireworks Overnight


Police officers on both sides of Stateline Avenue found themselves as targets for vandals with Fireworks on July 4th. Scanner traffic at one point sounded like an early war in background noise of radio communications.

T.T.P.D. Press Release:

The Texarkana Texas Police Department responded to 203 fireworks complaints throughout the holiday weekend, which is typically the busiest weekend for law enforcement agencies throughout the country. The primary reason for the increase in calls for service revolves around the noise complaints generated from the discharge of the fireworks.  In addition to the noise complaints, officers also received complaints of individuals aiming self-propelled fireworks, otherwise known as mortars and/or bottle rockets, at passing vehicles. Texarkana, Texas patrol units were not exempt as they too were the targets on two separate occasions. Two subjects were arrested in reference to fireworks complaints the evening of July 4th, one of those for discharging them at a passing vehicle. Several others were issued citations and warnings.

The department would like to remind citizens that discharging fireworks inside the city limits is illegal. Shooting fireworks at vehicles may increase the punishment from a fine only offense to incarceration in jail.

Reports are that there were also attacks against officers in Texarkana, Arkansas. A photo posted online shows  injuries sustained by one officer that was struck by a firework when responding to a large crowd near Washington and St. Charles Streets that were shooting fireworks illegally.  We spoke to her about the incident, and asked what happened and what type of firework she was struck by,

I believe it was a roman candle. We responded because some of the older people in the area were concerned about their homes catching on fire. We got out and asked a crowd of people to quit shooting at people and houses. Someone in the crowd lit an entire box of roman candles (I think that’s what they were) toward us. It was only 3 of us at the time, and like 100 of them…it was insane last night.

officer burned by firework

Think shooting the fireworks at people, especially police officers is disrespectful? Look at this post from social media… sickening to think someone would be proud of this type of behavior.

officer burned fireworks post...

We are just disgusted by this show of disrespect, and would like to commend our local officers for their restraint and self-control while dealing with these criminals. We are glad that none of our local police suffered serious injuries. We are proud to call officers from both sides of the line, Texarkana’s Finest!


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