Texarkana Wendy’s Store Among Those Listed in Recent Cyber-Security Breach


In May, Wendy’s International said that many of it’s franchise restaurants were the target of Hacker’s. At first Wendy’s said fewer than 300 stores were involved, it turns out that it was actually a lot more, with 1,000 + stores, including a location in Texarkana.

The hack began late last year and ran into 2016 before the company noticed. Hackers were able to get in with remote access, using credentials of a third-party service provider. Wendy’s said that during their investigation they discovered that there was also a second malware variant infecting their systems. The second malware went after cardholder names, credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates and more.

The store located at 3737 New Boston Road, in Texarkana Texas is listed among affected stores. The company has listed all affected stores online.

Wendy’s encourages anyone who may have used any of the listed locations to watch for unauthorized charges on their credit or debit cards.



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