Texarkana Woman Arrested and Charged After Attempting to Clean Out Strangers Home


A Texarkana woman is sitting in jail facing charges of Burglary, Possession of a Dangerous Drug, and Fraudulent Possession of Identifying Information. Amanda Korenek, 43, told her ex-husband she was going to clean out the home they once shared, but now there are new residents living at the location.

TTPD Media Release:

Amanda Korenek, 43, of Texarkana AR, called her ex-husband to tell him she was going to clean out the house where they used to live on Walnut Street early Wednesday morning. Expecting trouble, he called us. When we got there, she already had several items loaded into her car and had even managed to get a dresser out of the house and into the garage. She was having some trouble getting the dresser into the car.

Unfortunately for her, someone else now lives there and everything she had taken out of the house belonged to them. The officers figured out pretty quickly that she was under the influence of something. In addition to the odd assortment of things she taken out of the house, we found a prescription bottle and a $1,000 check that belonged to other people in her car. She was arrested for Burglary, Possession of a Dangerous Drug, and Fraudulent Possession of Identifying Information and taken to jail.

A few hours later, we received a call on Magnolia Street. A man reported that his 90 year old father told him that he been awakened during the night by an unknown woman in his apartment. She told him that she was there to clean the apartment for him. He watched from his bed as she moved dishes and other small items around the apartment before he told her to get out and lock the door on her way out. That morning, he realized his cell phone, a frying pan, and a cutting board were missing. We later found all these items in Korenek’s car and man’s name was the same as the name on the prescription bottle she had.

She is currently in the Bi-State Jail with a $45,000 bond for the three original charges. We anticipate filling an additional burglary charge against her soon for the incident on Magnolia Street.


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