The Fall 2022 ‘Crossties Carnival’ Details for Downtown Texarkana


That cooler weather hits and we all wanna get some fair foods and carnival rides. Johnson Brothers Amusements returns to Crossties Event Venue in downtown Texarkana from October 27 to 29 with rides, games, and all those Fair Foods. Here is more information.

Johnson Brothers Amusements is such a fantastic outfit, clean, safe, and of course, fun! Most of the rides that Crossties brings in are for the younger kids, but they will be bringing a few more “bigger kid” rides this year. Lots of carnival games, food, and more are planned.

The carnival will be Thursday, October 27 thru 29. There will be some armband specials for unlimited rides and times for tickets only. Keep reading for details.

On Thursday, October 27 the Carnival will open from 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm (or a little later if there is a crowd.) Thursday there will be $25 armbands for unlimited carnival rides. The armbands will only be valid until 10:00 pm, after that the rides will operate by tickets only.

Friday, October 28 the Carnival will open from 6:00 pm til close. Friday rides will operate by tickets only.

Saturday is the final day of the carnival in conjunction with the huge downtown Fall Festival. Rides will open at noon and $25 armbands for unlimited rides will be available from noon to 4:00 pm ONLY with armbands. After four o’clock rides will operate with tickets only. So, keep in mind if you buy an armband at 3:30, it’s only good for half an hour.

Ride tickets are $1 each with family-pack specials of 22 tickets for $20, 45 tickets for $40, and 60 tickets for $50, and all rides require 3 to 4 tickets.

Also on Saturday, October 29 in downtown Texarkana there will literally be hundreds of vendors, booths, and more for trick-or-treaters with the big “Downtown Fall Festival 2022“.



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