Water Line Repair Becomes Weekend Long Ordeal [PHOTOS]


A break in a water main off of Highway 82 was being repaired over the weekend, when crews hit an improperly marked gas line. Crews had to come in and repair the gas line before work could get started on the water line only to find that the part to repair the break would need to be manufactured…

Texarkana Water Utilities sent out advanced warning to TWU member cities that service could possibly be disrupted while repairs took place on a 32 inch water main. Area towns made sure their tanks were full, some residents closer to the break experienced no service while some others experienced an obvious drop in water pressure.

Crews began working on digging out the ground around the break when crews struck a gas line, according to the Texarkana Texas Information Officer,

“The gas company missed marking their line, and it was hit during digging. Now we are waiting on the gas line to be repaired before we can continue with the water line issue.”

The gas line was quickly capped and posed no threat. Crews were called in Saturday evening to repair the gas line and worked late into the night. TWU crews were then able to resume work on the water main to discover that a part would need to be manufactured for the repair.

TWU called on local fabricator Smith-Blair to machine a 620 tapping sleeve with a 2″ outlet welded on the neck for the repairs, employees of Smith-Blair came in on Sunday and got the part built quickly. TWU workers along with reps from Smith-Blair were on the job site to repair the water main… take a look!

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