Water Main Break Means Possible Disruption in Service for Neighboring Cities


Texarkana Water Utilities reports that there has been a break in a 32 inch water main to a member city and will be shut down for repairs. TWU informed neighboring towns, and those communities are filling their water tanks to ensure no disruption in water services to residents.

According to Texarkana Texas Information Officer Lisa Thompson, the communities of Nash and Wake Village could be affected with low water pressure temporarily, but there is no expectation of losing service to any of our neighboring member towns.

However area water members are informing their citizens to prepare just in case… From the City of Redwater Page:

Texarkana just called Redwater and said they have got a 32′ water main break. Don’t know when they will shut down . But it will effect all of west end . So, I suggest you fill your tub up. May shut off Redwater , Maud, New Boston, Dekalb, Avery areas. No time frame for when or how long.

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