Beware of Roads Refreezing Overnight with Dangerously Cold Temps


Local Emergency officials are warning you to be extra careful as surfaces are expected to refreeze overnight with temperatures well below freezing any slush created from today’s traffic will become solid ice. If you just absolutely have no other choice and must get out, remember these tips…FYI.

As we approach the night time hours and dropping temperatures we want to remind you that the roads will turn back to ice and cause many problems for drivers. Even though the street may look clear you may be driving on black ice and easily lose control of your vehicle. Road crews will continue to treat streets as they can. If you have to drive and are not able to stay home please observe the following safety tips:

1. Drive very slow and give plenty room around other drivers especially front and back of you.
2. You may be driving too fast for conditions so don’t follow speed limit signage until all roads are back to normal.
3. Many drivers have run red lights today due to not wanting to stop on an incline. This is very dangerous and is still a violation.
4. Drive a route that allows you to remain on streets that have few hills to maneuver.
5. Always have your cell phone to call for help if needed.
6. Use flashers if you become stranded and get out of your vehicle and get to a safe place in case someone slides into your vehicle.
7. Don’t lock your brakes up if you lose control on ice and steer your wheel into the direction you wish to go.
8. Have someone pick you up with a vehicle that handles better for these road conditions and leave your vehicle parked.

Please Arrive Home Safe!


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