Now is the Time to Tend to Your Trees with Rick Haggins Tree Service


Around my place, we have a dozen 100-year-old Oak trees. I love them, but they can be a problem. Especially if some of those giant limbs stretch out over your house. So, with the spring bloom coming soon I began my search for a good tree service with a good price.

After some research with friends and Facebook, I got a few estimates then contacted the highly recommended Rick Haggins Tree Service, touted as the area’s best Live Oak trimming specialists. I think the pricing was very rhtreesbucketcompetitive. The crew rolled in with chainsaws, thousands of feet of rope, and a bucket truck and took care of some issues we had, and they even trimmed out the Mistletoe in the trees and removed a lot of dead limbs that were just wedged in between live limbs. There were some places where limbs had broken off and by cutting them back and treating them, it will prevent disease in the tree, which could eventually kill it, and cost a lot more in the long run.

This is the best time of year to do your tree maintenance. While the limbs are still bare, you can get in and get the dead wood, the mistletoe, and trim your trees back. Plus with Spring thunderstorms in these parts, if you have some limbs or trees that you feel could be a problem, don’t wait til they are the problem and get to them now before it does real damage to your property.


With tree removal, they really are the best around for taking down big trees. With decades of experience and the ability to brag that they have never dropped a tree on a home, they have the equipment and by far the most experienced climbers and riggers in the business. They have the equipment to remove everything, right down to the stump and they won’t leave a mess behind as they are meticulous in cleaning up after themselves.


Rick Haggins Tree Service is a family owned business run by a bunch of Ricks. You have Rick Haggins Sr., Rick Haggins Jr. and Rickey Andrew Haggins pitching in with the family business. Three generations offering complete tree service. Experts in removal, trimming, storm assessment, fertilization, and sick tree treatments. Serving the Ark-La-Tex now for 35 years, give them a call at (903) 832-8602 or follow them on Facebook.


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